Autonomous Planting

Yesterday the TreeRover completed a “No Hands Test” where it planted multiple trees in a row with no human at the helm! This is the first step towards a fully autonomous tree planting robot. We included name tags in the tree seedlings to demonstrate how we will reward our supporters during the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign scheduled for September 2015. Stay tuned!


Thank you to Anna Dodd and Nina Hunt for their generous donations which helped us get to this point!


4 thoughts on “Autonomous Planting

    1. Thank you! We were able to add this primitive form of automation simply with programming. The TreeRover basically runs through a pre-defined list of instructions. These instructions, which include things like how far to drive between each planting site, can easily be configured prior to a planting run. Then with the push of a single button, the TreeRover sets off on its mission and plants up to 10 seedlings all by itself. In the future we will add a compass and GPS module, as well as many other sensors which will help the TreeRover navigate more complex paths and avoid obstacles along the way.


    1. Thank you! We made the miniature flags with our names printed on them with toothpicks and painter’s tape. The little flags were then stuck in the base of the seedling prior to planting. This way supporters who donate to our campaign get to see that TreeRover has planted a special seedling just for them.


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